Shoney’s Removals Terms & Conditions – Rights, Obligations and Responsibilities of Company and customers:

  • The Company vehicles are insured for business purposes only. No passengers other than the employees are permitted.
  • Any additional items that are added which were not included in the quotation may result in the change or the cost previously agreed.
  • Packing services cannot include perishable goods such as foods or liquids that have been previously opened.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any damage to packed items that were not undertaken by us.
  • We cannot be held accountable if any packing materials did not supply us are not sturdy enough to hold contents.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur if customers/those on behalf of customers engage in partial loading/unloading of goods.
  • Parking arrangements, permits, and suspensions are solely the customer’s responsibility. Any parking penalties issued to our vehicles whilst in transit will be paid by the customer.
  • We are not responsible for any damages that may occur due to unusual requests such as moving furniture out or windows, removing the doors of American fridges, or any circumstances where there is not enough room to manoeuvre goods due to the narrow dimensions of doors/windows/stairs/hallways.
  • If the distance between the premises and the vehicle is 15 meters or more, we have the right to increase the charges as it will take longer to load up and is burdensome on the removal team.
  • We cannot carry out any request that would usually require the services of a specialist such as connecting white goods, cookers, etc unless otherwise agreed.
  • Due to safety reasons, our removal team will not remove their shoes whilst the move is being carried out. Customers are advised to use protective covers to ensure their carpets/floors are not blemished.
  • -The cost move which is conducted with or without a survey can be increased on the day if more vehicles/porters are required. Surveys are not an exact science, and it can sometimes be tricky to determine precisely how many boxes are required etc.).
  • The removal team are entitled to a twenty-minute break within a 4- hour period.
  • Flammable liquids such as petroleum-based fluids or oil-based paints cannot be permitted in our vehicles.
  • We reserved the right to desist from the move if our staff are subjected to abuse/aggressive or unacceptable behaviour.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience caused by forces outside our control such as adverse weather conditions, road closures, breakdown or vehicles.

             Regarding Payment/Claims

  • We require a 10% payment to secure the booking with the remaining balance to be paid 3 days prior to the move.
  • If agreed upon for the balance to be paid on the day of the move this must occur prior to the unloading of goods.
  • For an hourly rate services-if, the move exceeds the time frame the customer will be charged for an additional hour if more than fifteen minutes have elapsed.
  • Waiting charges will apply if keys are not picked up by the time the removal team arrive at the new address as that will cause a delay in their work. The charge is E100 ph. (unless previously agreed)
  • The removal team will work from 8-9 am until 5om. If the move is not completed by 5 pm we will negotiate new terms for overtime pay. Overtime charges are £50 per porter per hour.
  • Customers cannot deduct money from the agreed sum. Any dispute regarding payment can only be made to our insurance providers after the event. We reserve the legal right to keep goods if no payment is forthcoming.
  • If payment is non-coming and items are taken into storage the customer will be liable for the storage cost.
  • We have the legal right to auction off items after 28 days if no payment has been received.
  • Customers must send an itemised inventory list prior to the move without which an insurance claim cannot proceed.
  • Customers must pay a £350 excess fee to pursue an insurance claim which will be reimbursed if the claim is successful.
  • Any damage/impairment to goods must be notified within a 7day period.
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